Accounts Receivables Manager experienced with Rent Manager ($25/hour or more, DOE)

Who We Are

Park Avenue Partners is a rapidly growing owner/operator of mobile home parks nationwide.  It is our mission to expand the supply of affordable housing, and we need your help.

The Role

We are looking for a bookkeeping service, freelancer, or contract worker to work closely with us to handle detailed Accounts receivable activities.  We need additional help inputting budgets into Rent Manager and tracking utility collections as well as keeping us in good standing with insurance policies, business licenses, taxes. This role is presently part-time but may grow to full-time over the next 12 - 18 months, and suitable for remote work.

Bookkeeping Functions

  • Accounts receivable accounting in Rent Manager software.

  • Payroll + employee reimbursements

  • Basic financial management + reporting

Administer Company Accounts, Services, & Vendors

  • Keep software subscriptions and logins up to date

  • Update insurance policies on mobile homes & ensure timely payment of taxes

  • Keep business licenses active

Property Books & Accounts Management

  • Setting up check scanners for Community Managers

  • Setting up utility accounts

  • Reporting of utility reimbursement amounts from tenants

  • Use Rent Manager’s Virtual Post Office to notice tenants

  • Monthly resident billing + rent collections

Working for Park Avenue Partners

  • We are a mission-driven company, passionate about our offering, the organization we’re building, and how it contributes to people's lives. We work hard and love what we do.

  • We are a collaborative team. We work with a high degree of communication, accountability, and integrity. We believe great ideas can come from anywhere in the organization.

  • We are a startup. Our workplace is a dynamic environment and roles are not rigid. Every person on our team matters and is trusted to contribute in a myriad of ways.

  • We are growing. With our founder’s other partnerships that you will assist with, we own 20 communities nation-wide, and anticipate acquiring another 4 - 7 this year.

  • We are a learning organization, always looking for ways to improve our business, our systems, and ourselves.

  • We love our people. We believe people do their best work when they are fully supported, respected, and able to live a balanced life. We allow for flexible work hours and travel schedules that support the whole person, as long as the job gets done.