We’d Love To Co-own Mobile Home Parks With You

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If you are at the stage of more seriously considering investing with us, and you are an Accredited Investor, please download and read the Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”) below. (Per SEC regulations, our fund is only open to Accredited Investors.) There are risks with all investments; this opportunity is no different. Please read the PPM in it’s entirety, including the four Exhibits, and ask any and all questions you have prior to investing.

Should you choose to invest, please click the ‘Click To Invest’ button below. Completing the online form takes around 20 minutes to input your personal and financial information and to digitally sign your Subscription Agreement. We will check your background to confirm you are an Accredited Investor, as well as perform an AML/KYC screen. The verification process takes three days. You may invest individually, or through a self-directed IRA, Trust, investment partnership, or other entity of your choosing.

If you have questions prior to investing we will be happy to answer them. Please join us at one of our dinners, or on an upcoming webinar, or feel free to email us and we’ll coordinate a time for us to talk one-on-one.

Review our Private Placement Memorandum

Note: the Fund is currently accepting investments for it’s A shares (50%/50% partnership).

Other ways to partner


Please call or email us off our homepage if you would like to attend one of the following dinners.  All attendees must be Accredited Investors.  Please sign up here to be notified of future dinners, webinars, property acquisitions, etc.

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WEBINARS (all times PST):

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The content covered in the recorded and live webinars is the same as what is covered in our investor dinners (investment thesis, track record, management philosophy, deal flow, etc.).


We prefer to answer investor questions at our dinners and on our webinars if it works for your schedule. But if that’s not convenient, please let us know, and we will arrange a webinar or meeting that is convenient for you.