Why Invest With Park Avenue Partners?

Asset Class

Mobile home parks are the most profitable real estate niche there is

  • New competition is illegal

  • Repair & Maintenance expenses are low (~5% vs. ~15%) because tenants own and maintain their own mobile homes - tenants pay for the proverbial ‘leaky toilets and leaky roofs’

  • Tenant turnover is much lower than apartments (<5% vs. >33%)

  • Tax benefits are 52% higher than other real estate asset classes due to shorter depreciation schedules


Our founder, Jefferson Lilly, has been in the business 12 years and has successfully sourced, financed, operated, and sold MHPs before. His prior funds are returning 8% - 12% cash from operations to LPs; capital gains are likely to increase returns another 5% annually or so. None of his 180+ investors has ever suffered a loss. He takes no fees whatsoever; 100% investor alignment.

To learn more:

Watch the recorded presentation: www.parkavenuepartners.com/webinar
Contact us: investor.relations@parkavenuepartners.com or (415) 228-6900