Park Avenue Partners is a real estate investment partnership that invests in and operates mobile home parks nationwide. It is our mission both to generate above-average risk-adjusted returns for our limited partners, as well as to increase the supply of affordable housing for low-income Americans.

We value transparency and alignment and with our investors.  To that end, we charge neither management fees, nor acquisition fees, nor divestiture fees, nor personal guarantee fees, nor fees of any kind.  Investors are always welcome to come on-site to ‘kick the tires’ with us and tour the properties we own together. We provide detailed quarterly reports on our operations and profitability.  Our Limited Partners put up the equity capital, we arrange and often personally guarantee the debt capital, and operate the properties ourselves.  We split profits as follows:

  • A Shares -  50%/50% split of all profits and depreciation

  • B Shares - 12% preferred rate of return, 10% of additional profits and depreciation

We view our unique no-fee business model as being the only way to truly partner with our investors to co-own properties together and make investment decisions that are in everyone’s best interest.

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Park Avenue Partners

Four Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400

San Francisco, CA 94111

‭(415) 228-6900‬

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